One month old! Cheers

We wanted to share with you, viewers and readers united, the joy we feel today in celebrating our first month together. Finding stuff for you to enjoy and sharing things we find beautiful and that may cheer your day, has proven to be a lovely experience for us. We sincerely hope you find in this little space we call 2one2 a nook for daily inspiration and a healthy dose of good old luxury and never-ending daydreaming…….

Someone once said that “the only way you can desire something… is if you have seen it first” That is why we have chosen images over words this month. We are inviting you to come into 2one2 and spark your desires, take you places we have found, share our thoughts and dreams and become part of this community. This, here today, is a different post, no images at all this time, just gratitude from us to you all, for your visits,and for your kind comments, and cheers!. Thank you all, this is only the beginning. The best is yet to come!!!!


Charlie Jacobs & Fabian Reta.

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  1. marianoignacio

     /  June 19, 2012



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