A door to Italy

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Street style / Post for the girls

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Black & White

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Decorating with Details

Its not about the big budget. Its about the perfect,smart details. Sometimes it takes just a clever touch to take a space from bland to fab. below, examples, enjoy!

The Vintage camera.

The perfect Flowers

Fairy Lights

The lovely Sticker

The accent

The contrast

An Cool Collection of Items as a focus point

The oval Mirror

A Grouping of Items in a corner

Inspiring Words

Striped Rug is always a good idea

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Industrial lighting


Baby got Back. Summer trend.

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Sharing the Love. 2one2 blog gets kudos from fellow bloggers. Thank you!


Hey to all dear followers, we are here gathered today to….. celebrate!

We have been thrilled to know that Yvonee Michelle from Photocstasy has named us one of fifteen Very Inspiring Bloggers in the world of WordPress!  Such a lovely surprise!!

Another lovely talented blogger,  Emily from  Get in my home, gave us the One Lovely Award!

Thank you both so much!

We really can’t thank everybody enough for your support.  Our fellow bloggers and specially of you lovely followers that keep sending us these beautiful encouraging messages. We are really felling the love. Thank so much!

Now, as part of the award we are supposed to tell you 7 things about ourselves, seldom told.  SO here goes, the two of us share a bit of insight into who we are then.

Here goes 7 Charly facts, and 7 Fabian facts.


1. My name is not Charlie, it’s Marianne. (but my friends call me Charlie)

2. I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina and I lived in Boston and NYC, but I feel most at home in Kolkata, India.

3. I listened to Bach Suite No One for Cello when I was 8 and was stunned. I’ve been studying cello for years, just to be able to play the one piece well.

4.  I sing constantly in my mind. (mostly jazz standards)

5. I Think that my life would make a good movie. (the question being..would it be a comedy? or a drama?)

6. I hate celebrating my birthdays, but I love growing older.

7. My job makes me cry, a lot. Some sad tears. Lots of happy tears. I just love what I do.


1. Fabian is my real name but my friends call me Fabs.

2. Buenos Aires, Argentina, is my hometown but I have a house in a small town named Pinamar that has a fantastic view to the Atlantic Ocean.

3. I have a degree in Economics and I used to work for an American Bank for almost 10 years. Then, I quit to pursue my dream of being a designer. I started as a furniture designer, then a set designer an now I enjoy being an interior designer.

4. The city I love most in the world is London and I try to spend as much time there as I can but it is never enough. Each time I am in town, I manage to visit the Apollo Victoria Theatre to see “Wicked”, my favourite musical.

5. I work as a set designer for a theatrical company in Buenos Aires named The Suburban Players.

6. I love dogs and I have a Beagle named Blas.

7. I tend to undermine my very own talents.

And now, here are our nominees (in no particular order) for these awards.

1. An Afternoon With.  A Classic. The Aesthetic is flawless, the people are interesting to know, and the pics are original and insightful.

2. Bucket List Publications. Lesley Carter is living life to the fullest. Taking every challenge and every plunge. Its the fierce celebration of life we find inspiring. Lets all live like this.

3.  Design Trolls. Cool yet refined. (!) Seriously. This blog delivers inspiration in an array of cool stuff and beautiful pics. We are loving it.

4. Interior Apartment. Cat is already a friend of the house. We love her collections, the dedication she brings to every single post, and her great taste.

5. Interior Stockholm. Sophie looks to inspire others with her Nordic choices and she hits a home run with us. We love her choices.

6. Twominicooks. Fressia and Tim’s healthy recipes are worth trying!

7. Sakurasnow. This is a blog that I highly recommend.  I have been following it for almost three years now and I enjoy every post. Nice photograph and art works.

8. Leanne Cole’s Photography Field Trips.  Leanne enjoys photographs with a high sense of drama.

9. Gentleman’s Emporium. This is the place for us to find out what the latest trends and tips are on men’s fashion, lifestyle and personal grooming.

10. Ian attempts art. A smooth sailing of beautiful photographs where the photographer has triumphed.  Chicago is the  massive set the photographer wanted to explore. Chicago is the city that wanted to be captured!

11. Rubicorno. Beautiful art works. An iPhoneography stream of  tasteful shots!

12. iphone photographer. Beautiful photographs shot and edited with a glorious iphone 4s. And a flawless sense of beauty!

Lovely Magical India

So after posting pictures form the web its time to post some of my own. Here are a few pics I took on my latest trip to India. If you like them, I’ll post some more. Enjoy!


The most coveted place in London: Dabbous

Dabbous is a strikingly modern and stylish new restaurant/basement bar set over two floors located in the heart of  Fitzrovia, London. (39 Whitfield St, London)

Three days after its opening in February, London food critic Fay Maschler wrote a rave review about Dabbous and transformed it overnight from a new experimental, edgy restaurant to the most difficult place to get a reservation in London.

The raw industrial aesthetic of Dabbous was created by London design company Brinkworth.

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The cult of urban bike

Brits have been on a bit of a bike bender for a while now. London now boasts numerous custom bike shops, not to mention bike rental docking stations across town, care of Barclays Cycle Hire.

Bike lovers can now add Tokyobike to their list. Located in Shoreditch (the original Tokyobike is in Tokyo), the company offers colorful bikes with smaller wheels and slimmer frames, which makes urban navigation easier. The store  has outposts in Sydney, Singapore and Berlin. Rumor has it that the US is next.

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