Girl Power. Angelina Jolie.

Shockingly beautiful, wicked smart, witty, classy and stylish (but not a fashion victim at all ). She´s off the charts crazy-sexy, a talented actress and director, the woman pilots her own planes, is the loving mother of children of the world, a spokesperson for the painful world refugee movement, and married to the most beautiful man alive. Seriously, this girl is unreal. Confessed fan of Angie, I share some of her latest B+W portraits for Vogue, Newsweek and St. john. Enjoy.


This is probably one of the best TV shows in TV history.

If you havent seen the show (all their seasons) go look for them. I mean now. J.Lipton is one of the most skilful interviewers in the world , he takes you on a heartfelt  journey into these peoples lives and in that process he reveals their true self like no other interviewer can. Here is Angelina´s Interview, in The Actor´s Studio. its worthwhile. Grab a drink, sit back, meet  and love Angie.

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