Metropol Parasol – A New Icon For Seville

Project Architect: Jürgen Mayer H., Andre Santer, Marta Ramírez Iglesias

Via J. Mayer H.

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  1. Here’s an interesting article on urbanism in Spain that is related to this post that is worth reading:

    • The article is very accurate, we are not going to see any cutting-edge architectural mega project in Spain for a long time. But crisis do end, sooner or later and half-built projects will be down-scaled in the future because they will be unfeasible to finish the way that they were designed (just a matter of costs). The future is not so dark. I believe that a crisis is like a catalyst for creativity and Spanish designers will amaze us in the near future. Thanks for sharing the article.

  1. METROPOL PARASOL – A NEW ICON FOR SEVILLA. « thehousewhisperereu

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