Nihilistic Optimistic by Tim Noble and Sue Webster at Blain|Southern, London

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Jennifer Aniston at Home

The actress indulges her love of entertaining in Beverly Hills.

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Rooms Hotel in Kazbegi, Georgia.

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Grüningen Botanical Garden

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Studio Roosegaarde Gives Life To Hundreds Of Flowers


Right in the center of an invisible circle between London, Paris and Brussels, the city of Lille’s heart is sure to pound throughout the Lille3000 FANTASTIC 2012 festival.  The festival curated by Caroline David from the 6th of October 2012 till the 13th of January 2013, will host hundreds of events and numerous exhibitions. ‘Metamorphoses in public space‘ is one chapter of this art celebration where twenty different international artists have created memorable installations. The LOTUS DOME by Dutch artist and architect Daan Roosegaarde is one of them.

The LOTUS DOME is made out of hundreds aluminum folded flowers which unfold in response to human behavior. Positioned in the shadowy interior of the Sainte Marie Madeleine Church, the flower leaves remain motionless, that is up until a visitor approaches. Initially, they open up one after the other, letting their light glow from inside. This motion multiplies; as more and more viewers come closer and the ‘organism’ that is the large silver dome takes on a more dynamic form. As they walk around it, the light of the invisible, almost living creature, breathing in and out, obediently follows them around, casting intricate reflections around the dark church’s walls.

Sainte Marie Madeleine Church, Lille, France. Photos by Studio Roosegaarde.
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Sayaka Ganz’s animal sculptures made of salvaged plastic

Photos by Sayaka Ganz.

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Estancia El Colibrí, Córdoba, Argentina

The most important interior design event of the year in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Every year an interior design event is celebrated in Buenos Aires. The event is called Casa F.O.A. and this year took place in an abandoned factory that was transformed in 40 loft-like spaces. Here some photos of the spaces I liked most.

Design Fair in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Palermo is one of the largest neighbourhoods in Buenos Aires and the area that surrounds Plaza Serrano is known as the design district or ‘Palermo viejo’. The area has a bohemian style with small coffee shops, bookstores and trendy furniture and fashion shops. Here some pictures of a design fair, sponsored by a department store, that showcases upcoming Argentinian fashion designers’ work, all of them from Palermo viejo.

In the woods in Pinamar, Argentina

A contemporary house in Pinamar, a town by the sea, 400 km. south of Buenos Aires. The whole town is in a pine-trees forest that was intentionally planted to settle the sand dunes.

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