Amazing Travel Destinations.

Rayong, Thailand

Swiss Alps

Prague, Czech Republic

Chefchaouen, Morocco

Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan

Zhouzhuang, China

Refuge of the Goûter, France


Home in French Countryside


and Voilá!!

Those lines….


Detail of Bamboo Shutters. Genius.


Lovely Magical India

So after posting pictures form the web its time to post some of my own. Here are a few pics I took on my latest trip to India. If you like them, I’ll post some more. Enjoy!


Shore vista Boatdock

How about this spectacular Boat Dock design from  Bercy Chen Studio in Austin?




Weekend Inspiration!

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Island Retreat. West Edge House

Reunion Island, Indian Ocean. Welcome to paradise.

Home designed by No Coffee Architects

Photos By Shane Miller

Beach Bungalow @ Cape Town

Im loving this place!


Breathtaking Destinations, Unforgettable Holidays

Come Fly with me….

Turtle Island, Fiji

Sorrento, Italy

Petra, Jordan

Dragon Falls, Venezuela

Outdoor Jacuzzi, Switzerland

Bentang chittorgarh, India

Montana, USA


Tree Houses 3.0

The universal childhood fantasy of  the tee house, gets a makeover with these fun, cool designs.

Via Pinterest

Flower Power

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