‘Le Sergent Recruteur’ a restaurant by Jaime Hayon in Paris, France

Jaime Hayon has designed a new  restaurant in Paris: ‘Le Sergent Recruteur’ which lives by the motto ‘live, eat and rest.’ It has just opened its doors in the heart of Paris, 41 rue Saint-Louis, Île Saint-Louis.

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L’Opera Restaurant in Paris

L’Opéra Restaurant in Paris, France located at the famous L’Opéra Garnier, commonly known as the Paris Opéra, is finally completed after 136 years. The building was originally designed by Charles Garnier in 1875 in Baroque Revival style. Garnier’s wish was to create a restaurant in the Rotunda, but his idea never materialized. Two other attempts in 1973 and in 1992 also failed. With a budget of 6 million Euro, restauranteur Pierre François Blanc and architect Odile Decq took on the project, and Charles Garnier’s wish was finally granted.

The restaurant, also known as Phantom, pays homage to the gothic love story “The Phantom of The Opera” by Gaston Leroux, which was inspired by rumors about the famous building.

To Mariano, a true Phan, with all my love.

Street Style Paris / Post for the girls

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Beauty in the making… a visit to Hermes’ Atelier

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A Day Trip to Paris

Walking west along the Seine river from Pont Neuf to Pont Royal. Enjoy!

A Boathouse in Paris

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