‘Le Sergent Recruteur’ a restaurant by Jaime Hayon in Paris, France

Jaime Hayon has designed a new  restaurant in Paris: ‘Le Sergent Recruteur’ which lives by the motto ‘live, eat and rest.’ It has just opened its doors in the heart of Paris, 41 rue Saint-Louis, Île Saint-Louis.

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The most coveted place in London: Dabbous

Dabbous is a strikingly modern and stylish new restaurant/basement bar set over two floors located in the heart of  Fitzrovia, London. (39 Whitfield St, London)

Three days after its opening in February, London food critic Fay Maschler wrote a rave review about Dabbous and transformed it overnight from a new experimental, edgy restaurant to the most difficult place to get a reservation in London.

The raw industrial aesthetic of Dabbous was created by London design company Brinkworth.

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Let there Be Light

The truth is that no matter what´s going on in my life, no matter how sad or troubled I am, I see fairy lights and I suddenly  feel like everything is going to be OK. The world just seems like a better, brighter happier place. Dont you??

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Repeat after me: Attraversiamo

Ok,  so you have this predicament: You have just won 20 million and you have no idea what to do with your upcoming holidays. You stress out, you ponder. What to do? It’s the pressures and worries of having the world as your oyster. I can hear you. I can hear your troubles. Now, if you please, stop wasting my time and get yourself  down to Lake Como’s new resort Castadiva. 7 villas, 73 rooms with lake views and homes you could just die for. Grab your heels, your organza dresses, your pearls, your silk scarf and your Ray shades. It’s time to feel like Grace Kelly. ( or Cary Grant for that matter )

Ok, and just when you thought you just couldn’t stand MORE beauty, I’m here to tell you that all this… comes with George Clooney as your neighbour. So there.


Beautiful.Romantic.Poetic Bars and Cafes around the Globe

Life- savers on a winter’s day, perfect stage for a romantic rendez vous, lovely  for a chilled glass of chardonnay. The Small ancient bars, the little adorable Cafes, those hidden tables, small terraces or  tables set on an beautiful sidewalk. Its the places we go to when we’re heartbroken to write our never-to-be-delivered love letters, its the places we join our friends and celebrate life with our glasses held high, were we go to, to daydream about things to come over a perfect cup of cappuccino. Enjoy!







ps. And yes,  its the always lovely Jeremy Irons. He had me at Bonjour.


Let’s elope

And right now, this is were I would want to be. Santorini, Greece. Amazing Resort.  Not only breathtaking views, but wonderful, inviting, cozy yet sharp interiors.



Eye Poetry

eye poetry – the photo blog of fine art photographer Irene Suchocki: Pretty Cliché.

A day at The Wolseley in London

New York has Balthazar, Paris has Brasserie Lipp, London has the Wolseley. Centrally located on Piccadilly, the Wolseley is a modern all-day cafe-brasserie in the European tradition, where grandees and grungers alike feel welcome. The building dates from 1921, when the Wolseley Car Company (which began life as the Wolseley Sheep Shearing Company) hired architect William Curtis Green to design a luxurious car showroom.

Above: Dinner in the Wolseley’s Private Dining Room.


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