Images of Provence

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Lovely Magical India

So after posting pictures form the web its time to post some of my own. Here are a few pics I took on my latest trip to India. If you like them, I’ll post some more. Enjoy!


Dare to show your colours!

have you noticed too?? bold bright happy colours have been showing up everywhere.  Whether it be in menswear, summer dresses, funky clutches or home decor, this season seems to be all about being bold about the use of colour, using lemon yellow, bubble-gum pink hues, bright orange, blues and all colours bright and beautiful. (Im a slave to minimalism, so I welcome the challenge) Lets forget about being shy and modest, lets have fun with colour!

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Polka FEVER!

Flaunt your spots! examples of classic and new ways to wear this trend.


Beautiful Diane takes polka with a Glam-Rock attitude.



Our gents have adopted Polka on scarfs and ties for a long time, and its still fresh and classy.

polka see-through is another big hit.



Polka fever reaches modern desing too.

and Couture

Nobody is safe from polka fever-

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Ode to Navy Stipes

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Eye Poetry

eye poetry – the photo blog of fine art photographer Irene Suchocki: Pretty Cliché.

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