Repeat after me: Attraversiamo

Ok,  so you have this predicament: You have just won 20 million and you have no idea what to do with your upcoming holidays. You stress out, you ponder. What to do? It’s the pressures and worries of having the world as your oyster. I can hear you. I can hear your troubles. Now, if you please, stop wasting my time and get yourself  down to Lake Como’s new resort Castadiva. 7 villas, 73 rooms with lake views and homes you could just die for. Grab your heels, your organza dresses, your pearls, your silk scarf and your Ray shades. It’s time to feel like Grace Kelly. ( or Cary Grant for that matter )

Ok, and just when you thought you just couldn’t stand MORE beauty, I’m here to tell you that all this… comes with George Clooney as your neighbour. So there.


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  1. wow! very nice pictures


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